Thursday, October 06, 2005

eBay Sales Surpass $10 Million at QuikDrop eBay Drop-Off Stores

eBay Sales Surpass $10 Million at QuikDrop eBay Drop-Off Stores

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- QuikDrop International
announced today that total eBay sales have surpassed $10 million at its eBay
drop-off retail stores since it first opened for business in February 2003.
The company has now served over 22,000 customers over the last 31 months and
grown to 80 retail locations in the United States.
QuikDrop makes it easy for clients and businesses to sell items on eBay.
Clients drop off items valued at $50 or more and QuikDrop does the rest.
QuikDrop handles digital photography of the item(s), writes a detailed
description and posts the product on eBay, the world's largest marketplace.
When the item sells, QuikDrop packs and ships it to the buyer and sends a
check directly to the client, minus a commission.
"We've successfully completed 95,000 auctions for our customers on eBay
and had over 27 million page views on our auctions," says Michael Banks,
President of QuikDrop. "eBay's appetite for unwanted items from homes and
businesses is insatiable."

QuikDrop is the premier eBay drop-off store franchise. Since founding the
first franchised eBay drop-off store in August 2003, QuikDrop has grown to
80 store locations in 25 states and has locations in Australia, Canada and
China. For up-to-the-minute statistics on QuikDrop's successful eBay
auctions, visit the eBay drop-off industry's first real-time reporting website
at or call (714) 429-1040.

1. Stock it. 2. Price it right. 3. Show the value 4. Take the money. 5. Teach them

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