Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Net2Auction, a stock lemon ?

Alderd van WePaYou was gisteren in de winkel en wees ons op eBay Drop-Off Net2Auction in de VS.

Ze maken weinig omzet en hebben een beurswaarde op dit moment van meer dan $ 20 000 000,- ! Zie

Een kleine zoektocht op Google levert, een interessante verhaal uit July 2005 op Stocklemon (gebakken lucht aandelen):
" On the Net 2 Auction Website, we read a testimonial from Jack Day. Mr. Day states on the site

"I'm pulling in thousands of dollars per month,
in profit, by operating my Net2Auction
store-within-a-store at my pack and ship
center. The Net2Auction program is great, and
I'm making more money than ever. Plus,
my customers love it!"

This is a lie and this is a fraud. Fraud being played on the investing public and fraud being played on potential store locations. What they do not tell you is that Mr. Day was the recipient of 150k shares of stock as stated by the company in their disclosure statement. The statement states that Mr. Day received these shares for "Administration and Operation Services."

During the month of July 2005, total sales from the items sold by Net 2 Auction was $9,174 excluding shipping and handling charges. The median sale price excluding these same charges was $39.99 and the average was $85.75.

Therefore, the company's total income was less than $1,500 during the whole month of July. Stocklemon suggests that Delmar and crew open a lemonade stand outside their office and they could probably double their revenues.

Net2Auciton currently has 85 items for sale on Ebay. If all of the items got sold (which is doubtful and improbable), the TOTAL gross return would be less than $2,000.

With close to 50 million shares outstanding and a market cap of close to $200 million, Net2Auction proves PT Barnum's theory about a sucker born every minute.

Cautious Investing To All


Nu juli 2006 zijn er zo'n 70 winkels open en veel "opening soon"

Ze hebben een feedback van 100% wat indrukkend wekkend is, maar slechts een totaal aantal feedbacks van 5 000 uit 72 verkooppunten, terwijl WePaYou met slechts 1 verkooppunt al op 840 ontvangen feedbacks zit.

( Aanvulling 14 juli, Wat ze wel verstandig doen, gezien de hoeveelheid werk per artikel, is een minimum fee berekenen van $ 17,99, dat betekent dat de opbrengst van iets van $ 20,- bijna helemaal voor Net2Auction is. )

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