Monday, October 30, 2006

Click vs Bricks Auctionbytes update

Een interessante verhaal van Auctionbytes: The State of Online Buying Part 1: Clicks vs Bricks

Er staat onder andere:
"When People Prefer Offline
So what kinds of things drive people to bricks-and-mortar stores?

Sometimes they just have to feel the product and kick the proverbial tires. Other times they want something right away. "Things I buy offline in retail stores are usually current books and records I especially want without waiting, clothes, furniture or other household items," says Barbara, who is a big country music fan. For example, the day the new Oak Ridge Boys album was released, she went to the store to buy it ("regardless of cost") because "they are my favorite recording artists and I don't want to wait even a few days to hear it." Also, she shops offline for "any other items that I need to judge the quality of when I have the object in hand."

verKoopwinkel is niet "of clicks OF bricks", maar "EN EN".

verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel