Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Auctioning4u One of Top 20 Most Inspirational Businesses

Auctioning4U heeft 88 mensen in dienst en een indrukwekkend aantal investeerders:


Hier een link naar de MT:

Opvallend is de focus op Auto's en eBay consulting. Twee takken van sport waar veel gefaalde Drop-Offs weinig of niets mee deden.

Auctioning4u One of Top 20 Most Inspirational Businesses
After only four years of trading we've just been voted one of London’s top twenty most inspirational businesses according to a competition held by O2 in association with The Evening Standard!

Thousands of businesses from in and around the capital entered for a chance to win a £100,000 advertising campaign and a space in the special 16-page supplement published in The Evening Standard. Judges were looking for the business with the most inspirational story and asked questions such as where ideas for the business came from and who had been invaluable in supporting the business from the word go.

Auctioning4u’s CEO, Christian Braun, told the judges his idea started at home. ‘My wife and I were clearing out our house and there was a ton of things that were just too good to throw away, so we thought we'd sell them on eBay. Both being busy professionals we found the process infuriatingly slow – up to two hours per item so we created the idea of the eBay drop shop – Auctioning4u was born.’

(Opmerking tussendoor: Iedereen zegt het idee zelf te hebben bedacht. Niemand zegt: "Ik zag Numarkets cq. Auctiondrop en dacht laat ik dat snel nadoen.")

He went on to say the company had been selling people's unwanted items online for nearly four years, have nine drop-shops in London, Manchester and Brighton – as well as 25,000sq ft of warehouse space, a bustling home-collection service, and employ 88 people from an amazing 22 nations.

The judges’ response was positive. ‘(Auctioning4u) is a sizeable business run by someone with an MBA and a serious financial background, who also has some significant investors and the sort of professionals onboard you would expect to find at a major company.

Christian said of the company’s success, ‘You can’t really get a better badge than ‘one of the top twenty most inspirational London businesses’. All our hard work and effort over the last four years has paid off and we are all very proud. With the recognition that comes with this kind of award we can increase our profile and serve our customers better in the future.’

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