Monday, June 18, 2007

Channel conflict: merken willen geen eBay verkoop

Een vraag bij de eBay townhall meeting:
"A number of questions came from sellers with both offline and online stores. One seller who owns a retail and eBay store with 100% positive feedback and 28,000 ratings said manufacturers have made new policies barring eBay as a sales channel for their distributors because it has a "damaged brand image." It cost him $300,000/month in sales, he said.

Cobb acknowledged it's a "difficult problem" that involved people trying to shut down channels of business. "We work with trade association groups and make people understand this is another outlet," he said. "There are some manufacturers who want to have an inefficient distribution," he added.

"Now they understand their customers are coming to eBay," said Justus.

"We've had some success directing people to powersellers," said Cobb, and then took an informal poll, asking the powersellers in the audience to raise their hands if manufacturers had tried to restrict them. There were quite a few raised hands."

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