Monday, July 09, 2007

ISold-It looking for fresh "victims"

I Sold-It is selling franchises again. Now also for business parks and mobile selling solutions (a bit like the succesful ?)

Franchisees who have lost money in the past aren't impressed, here a piece posted on : "WTF?????????????
Is this b*tch serious? My parents are divorcing after 40 yrs of marriage, we are 1 month away from being homeless, my kids have been put through the ringer, I have been assaulted, threatened and followed, and lost every dime I had. My parents lost over 200k. Our entire lives were destroyed over this...Head in the sand? Head up her ass more like. I so hope there is a special seat in hell reserved for (the executives) at Isoldit. Gee Ms. Hawks (former I-Soldit VP), only income of 140k a year? Boo fucking hoo. I lost over 65 lbs, from NOT eating to make sure that my kids can! MMMMM, don't you just love spaghetti every night? Thanks a hell of a lot...I recently ripped an abscessed molar out of my skull with a pair of pliers, because I couldn't afford to go to the dentist without literally taking food out of my kids mouths. Maybe I should send the tooth to Ms Hawks."

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