Friday, January 18, 2008

End of eBay Trading Assistant program in NL ?

Auctionbytes reports changes to the eBay Trading Assistant program and a change from eBay Tradingpost (Handelspost) to "Registered eBay Drop Off Location." Use of the term “Auction” or "Auctioneer" in a Trading Assistant business name, signage, and marketing materials is no longer permitted unless you are a licensed auctioneer.

Some of the terms of the new user agreement are only applicable to United States residents; therefore, if you wish to be a Trading Assistant in another country, you will need to sign up on that country's eBay site. Here are the pages for other Trading Assistant programs: >>No NL pages ??<<

* UK:
* Ireland:
* Canada:
* Belgium FR:
* Belgium NL:
* Canada FR (Quebec):
* Australia:
* France:
* Germany:
* Spain:
* Switzerland:
* Philippines:
* India:
* Austria:
* Italy:
* Poland:

Note: Or did they just forget :

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