Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amazon gives you money $ 100 for your opinion

Amazon sent me a check for 10 dollars: I ordered my first books on Amazon in March 1997
Order Date: March 2, 1997
Order #: 3427-2538022-282197
Recipient: John Brenninkmeyer
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* 1 of: Complicity
Sold by:, LLC

Then were testing an new homepag at the time, and if I answered 17 multiple choice questions about it, they would send me a $ 10 dollar check. I did, they did. I have still have the check (it costed 22 guilders or 11 dollars to get an American check cashed at a Dutch bank).

Now they want marketing info on selling via the site and they'll give people $ 100,-

Seems to me a great way of saying: "We value your opinion." and getting an extremely high and relevant response rate.

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