Sunday, April 20, 2008

I got the Griff ! An actual person (people) answering questions at eBay

One of the podcasts I listen to is eBay Radio hosted by Jim Griffith the very first eBay customer support rep. Whenever there is a tough problem he just says send me an E-mail "griff (at)"
I always thought: "yeah right..." but today I had a question, sent an E-mail to Griff and got a reply within two hours from a real person calling himself Griff (or a computer that would be a candidate to pass the Turing test.)

Kudos !
PS: E-mail follow up E-mail from Griff: "
Hi John,

I am most definitely the one and only Griff (Jim Griffith). I don’t have a staff. I either answer my own email or, it is account or Trust and Safety related, I forward it directly to Trust and Safety (I never second guess them).

Glad I could be of assistance! (that photo of me on your blog is from eBay Live in Las Vegas)


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