Sunday, December 07, 2008 What's it really worth now ?

I heard about this on the eBay Radio podcast.

The used prices are derived from dealer surveys gathered nationwide. Dealers are asked to provide the "selling price" and "days to sell". The used price is then calculated based on what an average store could sell the product for in 30 days or less. The price has proven to be an accurate reflection of the actual marketplace. The data is also reviewed by various dealers, pawnbrokers and online sellers that make up our Board of Advisors who are selected for their expertise in used equipment.
Definition of price categories
(List Price)
Manufacturer's Suggested Selling Price. This value represents the most recent manufacturer's suggested selling price. It does not represent any discounts applied.
Advertised: The price the item was sold for in a retail store at the time the item was considered new.
Used Retail: Dealers, Resellers - Used Retail is what you would sell the item for.
Consumers - This is what you would pay a pawn store, dealer or reseller. In most cases this is the price that you would insure your item for.
Trade in Mint and Average: Dealers, Resellers - Trade In is what you would buy the item for.
Consumers - Trade In is what you would sell your item to a pawn store, dealer or reseller for.

I tried it out with the Sony Playstation 2 as an example. verKoopwinkel sells them for 60 euro's.

Product Information

TYPE: Video Game Hardware
YEAR: 2003

MSRP $ 200,-
Advertised $ 179,-
Used Retail $ 79,52 - 97,20
Mint Trade In $ 43,74 - 53,46
Avg Trade In $ 24,06 - 29,40

verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel

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