Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen: place your bets, faites vos jeux

A friend of ours recently started his boxing carreer as "Cool" Coen ten Herkel, since his first match he is known simply as "Het Monster van Mokum". Watch his fight and you will see why.(the fun starts at minute 1:35)

Hidde de Vries aka "De beuker uit Blaricum", a mutual friend, heard about the match and boasted: "Het Monster van Mokum would never dare to fight me" ! But when the Monster immediately accepted the challenge and set the date for a 14th of February Saint Valentine's Day massacre, Hidde responded: "Me and my big mouth (bummer !!!)".

Until further notice Hidde will be referred to as: "De Bla Bla uit Blaricum."

Based on this reaction, the video of "Het Monster van Mokum" , the fact that the Monster is coached by Raymond "Hallelujah" Joval , the former International Boxing Organization World Middleweight Champion, and the first round of betting, the odds have now been set.

To keep this simple (and gentlemanly) the only permissable stake is € 10,- per person.

The odds:
Monster van Mokkum 1/2
Bla Bla van Blaricum 2/1

There will be no draw allowed.

The bets at present:

Bets placed on the Monster winning: (1/2) € 10,- stake pays out 5,- plus the stake = € 15,-
Stephanie for the Monster
Marjolein for the Monster
Raffi for the Monster
Coen (The Monster himself)
Janco Raterink for the Monster (16-1 in de eerste ronde, 2de of 3de rond K.O.)
Francis Smulders for the Monster
Felix Merks from Leiden saw Bla Bla at Minerva: 10,- on the Monster van Mokum
Hans-Jan Rijbering for the monster, who floats like a butterfly...

Bets placed on the Bla Bla of Blaricum winning and regaining his title of "Beuker": (2/1) € 10,- stake pays out € 20,- plus the stake = € 30,-
Floris for the Bla Bla
Linde for the Bla Bla
Lisette for the Bla Bla
Annelies Boekel for the Bla Bla
Josefine Kristiansen for the Bla Bla
Floris Hack for the Bla Bla (uiteraard)

Hidde ? are you going to put your money where your mouth is ?

Click here to place your bets via E-mail :
Ansgar John, "The Beast from Amsterdam East"

All stakes to be paid before the fight, no unpaid stakes will be honored.

British odds explained: UK odds quote the net total that will be paid out to the bettor, should they win, relative to their stake.
For example odds of 5/1 imply that the bettor stands to make £100 on a bet of £20. If the odds are 1/5 the better will make £4 from a £20 stake. The bettor will also always receive their stake back, so a successful bet of £20 at 5/1 will actually pay out £120 - which is £100 plus the return of the original £20 bet.
The way to anounce fractional odds of 5/1 is to say 'five-to-one'. The way to say 1/5 is 'one-to-five' or 'five-to-one on'. It sounds better with a British accent. ;)

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