Thursday, March 05, 2009

A replacement for Google Answers ?

1. Ask questions to Mahalo Answers via Twitter
--> How it works: You can ask a question to Mahalo Answers by putting @answers at the start of a twitter message (i.e. "@answers Find x in this diagram" Our community answers the questions and you get tweets back when there are new answers.
--> How you can help: First, please try asking a really good questions to @answers. Second, you can follow the madness of the @Answers Twitter account here: -- feel free to unsubscribe from it if it's too much (you don't have to subscribe to it in order to ask questions).
--> Bottom Line: We're getting 50% of our questions from Twitter now and this system allows users to participate without ever visiting Mahalo Answers ( ).

2. One dollar tip on all Mahalo Answers Questions
--> How it works: Every question on Mahalo Answers now has a "Mahalo Dollar" tip on it. This means the best answer to any question wins a Mahalo Dollar as a tip. Mahalo Dollars are a virutal currency that can be exchanged for real dollars less a 25% handling fee (i.e. our profit, accounting and paypal fees).
--> How you can help: Tell a friend who likes to work from home to check it out. It's not a big money, but if someone were to answer 10 to 20 questions a day in their spare time they might make an extra $250-500 bucks a month (which is *exactly* how Weblogs, Inc. started out: folks making $100-300 bucks a month turned into folks making $500 to $2,500 a month).
--> Bottom Line: We're trying to build a virtual currency around knowledge. Imagine if each good edit to the wikipedia made .10, every good blog post you did made $1.50 and each front page submission to Digg made $2--that's my vision of the future. Content creators making small amounts of money for contributing better an better quality content. Micropayments for microcontributions (we already have a system for macrocontributions obviously... jobs!)

Please let me know what you think.

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