Friday, April 03, 2009

Beachmonsters / Strandbeest visitable in Holland ?


The lab consists of a sandpit measuring 30x15 meter, a cabin, a large sea container and lots willow trees. There is the bone yard as well. Usually there are only one or two animals living at one time. As soon as the development of an animal is at its end, I declare it extinct and I push it onto the bone yard. The animals there can be seen as the fossils of extinct species. Exposure to sun and rain causes the tubes to fade, making these appear more bonelike with time. The sandpit is the pre-heaven for the beach animals. They are not yet ready to survive the real beach. I still have to train them. Usually I take them out once a year to the real beach to let them get a taste of their natural environment.


Click here to see work going on inside the cabin. If I am not there I might be outside doing some experiments.

How to find the beachanimal-laboratory


Take exit Delft-Noord at the A13 Rotterdam / The Hague) and follow from that piont the sign Ypenburg. At a T-cross-section go to the left. On your left hand you will see a hill. At the end of the hill, on the top, you will see a green cottage. That is where you can find me.

Public transport

It is also possible to come by bus. Take bus 62 (Nootdorp) at the Delft Central Station and get off at the stop Singels (after about 15 minutes).

Map of Ypenburg
Routebeschrijving voor het windlaboratorium


Neem afslag Delft-Noord van de A 13 (Rotterdam / Den Haag), volg vanaf dat punt het boord Ypenburg. Op een T-kruising ga je naar links. Links zie je dan de geluidswal liggen. Aan het eind van de wal, op de top, staat een groene bouwkeet. Daar is het.

Openbaar vervoer

Vanaf station Delft-Centraal bus 62 richting Nootdorp, uitstappen bij halte De Singels (15 minuten). verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel

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