Friday, May 07, 2010

Massive "Being John Malkovich" made possible by Mobile Internet (brainstorm)

Steve Mann with increasingly small Wearcam now Eyetap.

Being John Malkovich: "While filing paperwork, Schwartz discovers a small door behind a filing cabinet and when he enters it, finds himself in the mind of actor John Malkovich, able to observe and sense whatever Malkovich does ...they decide to start a business to allow others to experience Malkovich at $200 a head."

Lot's of people daydream of being a star. By seeing and hearing what the star sees and hears all day long your imagination could be helped along. This is called Point Of View (POV) and is very popular in gaming (first-person shooter) and in POV Pornography . I would guess that "POV Paparazzi" in other words the live uplink video from a star's POV as they go about life could be HUGE. Everybody can get a taste of what fame is really like.


See the Wikipedia Definition :" A CyborgLog (often abbreviated to 'glog) is a first-person (shooter) recording of an activity, in which the person doing the recording is a participant in the activity."see: Steve Mann's .

Now replace "recording" with "broadcasting". The enabler could be Kyte Now Offering Broadcast-Quality Live Video Streaming Backpack (March 20th 2010)

So who is going to be wearing the backpack and mini video camera?
-somebody famous
-who wears glasses
-is willing to experiment
-doesn't cost to much ie. has no talent -> is famous for being famous

An extra entertaining effect will probably be people acting like idiots around the POV star, because they know they are being broadcast live to a large Internet audience.

Future: At a concert or conference Herman is filming and broadcasting the audience are looking down at the stream of themselves on their mobiles, which shows them looking at themselves. People at home or at other locations are watching at the same time.
Estimated prime-time audience in first months 5000 - 50 000 people ? Or much more ?

A step further:
"Schwartz, drawing on his background as a puppeteer, discovers that he is able to control Malkovich's actions while in his head" -> Using bespoke text-to-speech voice software people at home could type text that could come out near Herman's mouth and actually sound like him.

via Yuri @vangeest :

he also suggested a game element. Maybe let people "vote" SMS, transfer Hyves money from a location to get the star to come to them. On a map you could see the money.

Here's a sample of Steve Mann giving his daughter a late night snack:

Meeting some fans on the street

Going to a VIP party (a real star would get it, woouldn't you like to be part of the action live ?)


Michelle said...

Freaky stuff. Hopefully the side effects of ending a POV session are better than in the movie, where they got thrown onto the side of a freeway.

ansgarjohn said...


The main difference is that more than 1 person can "be in somebody's head" at the same time. With a 2 way audio link the "glogger" could actually be hearing voices of people in his earphones trying to convince him to do something or not.