Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The world's most expensive exercise machines. The 0 minute a day workout.

In February I test drove Paul van der Meer's pimped TWIKE in Amsterdam. Basically the TWIKE (TWin bIKE) is a car with 2 hometrainers built-in.

Now while writing a blog on it and looking for "human electric hybrid" on Google, I've come across the Human Car. A car for four oarsmen !

Both machines are in my perception competitors to the ROM exercise machine. You use the TWIKE and Human Car in time you would otherwise be commuting anyway. That makes them, the 0 minute exercise machines.

and they are the opposite of the Fatmobiles: The motorized wheelchair shopping carts that gigantically fat people use at the grocery store because they are too fat and lazy to walk.

Many people are suffering from Diseases of Affluence and Wikipedia lists "Less strenuous physical exercise, often through increased use of a car." as the first cause.

So remember and take a Twike or Human Car for a drive instead!

Watch this POV video of the TWIKE on the open road.

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