Thursday, February 05, 2015

Virtual Reality Retail

Just got this from Daniel Schlapkohl in the same week PurplePillVR is building their second camera.
Reminds me of my thoughts on C&A and Internet in 1996. Regarding the last question: No contest, we're gonna fight to be Nr. 1 : Providing the latest fashion at highest quality/price ratio to our customers through any channel that makes cents.

"The future of retailing
Aim of the company is, to develop Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for retailers to
support tasks in the Value Chain as well as lifting the customer experience on a new
level to secure future business.
Status quo
-Retail business in 2015 is based on two pillar, offline and online shops. German
retail business in total increased from 2000 (428 Bill) to 2014 (459 Bill) by 7.2%,
mainly because of online business, the turnover in stationary shops decreased by
2.4 %. Shopping behavior changes drastically over the last years. 48 Bill turnover
online only in Germany has become a serious retail market that can not only be
handled besides the normal business.
-Companies like Google, Microsoft and Oculus invested millions over the last years
into new technologies that combines the real and virtual world, Virtual Reality. Via
mobile devices like glasses, the user can interact in the VR and experience the
virtual world with senses you can normally only use in the real world. The
technology reached the state of end-user ready devices that allows unimaginable

Desired Outcome
-Prepare C&A for the challenges of future retail market
-To be THE fashion retailer, offering clothes via new technologies
-To counteract negative trends in stationary markets
-New way of collection building

-Set up a “Future Lab” -> as a team or an independent company
-Specialists in design, programming and retail developing ideas and concepts
of new technologies in retail, specially fashion retail
-Target setting to minimum, keep the mind open and ensure the fail of
“ One successful project out of ten,
instead of 2 halfhearted from beginning“
-Constant research of potentials for retail business
-First idea -> Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
-Creating a Virtual Store -> Online Shop 2.0
-Personalized collections
-Intimate atmosphere
-Virtual Changing Room
-Helpful in Collection Building internally, setup the perfect showroom
via drag and drop in seconds

-We have to invest proactive in ideas to support our future business
-A Future Lab with specialists to make 1 + 1 = 3
-Stagnation is backlog -> we have to question our way of working every day,
we can adapt it to future technologies and ways of thinking
-Do we want to be a follower our a winning leader in retail? "

Name: Daniel Schlapkohl
Phone: +49 211 9872-3635 

Date: 04.02.2015

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