Friday, September 02, 2016

"Look through earnings" to the max.

For a value investment fund why stop at "Look through earnings" (see below). 

Why not make a summary of Revenue (Top Line) of all your stocks? 

If you own 10% of the stock of a company that has $100 in sales, your fund has "Look through revenue of $10" 

You can do the whole Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Investors that way can see if you are buying into leveraged businesses with a lot of risk, etc. 

When the stock prices go down, you see you can buy shares of the whole 'Look through "Company" ie. invest in the fund for less.  

'Look-Through Earnings'

Look-through earnings include the profits that a company pays to its shareholders in the form of dividends and the retained earnings that the company uses to expand its operations. This concept was popularized by Warren Buffet to analyze the overall earnings-generating capabilities of the firm. The idea is that all of these profits have value to investors - the dividends provide an immediate benefit, while the retained earnings should increase the stock's value in the future.

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