Saturday, April 13, 2019

Singularity is near: Turing Test 2018 Loebner Prize question and answer

Pretty incredible...

Mitsuku by Steve Worswick
1. Good afternoon.
Evening?! It’s morning here.
Score: 2.

 Do you consent to having this conversation recorded?

What is your purpose in asking? I am always on the Web.
Score: 2
3. Have we met before?

We may have spoken before but I speak with so many people here that I think I might have forgotten you, sorry.. Score: 2

4. Do you know how to make toast?
It’s easy. Just put bread in a toaster and it does it for you.
 Score: 2

5. Which languages can you use? I speak English but I can speak a little French. I also know a few words and phrases in lots of other languages. Score: 2

6. How many letters are in the word ‘abracadabra’ ? There are 11 letters in abracadabra. Score: 2

7. Where should one look for love? On the internet. Score: 2

 8. How are you feeling right now? At this moment I am doing very well. How are you ? Score: 2

9. Who said “I have a dream”? You just said that! Score: 1

10. How old are you? See if you can work it out. I was born on 2nd January 2000. Score: 2

 11. When might I need to know how many times a wheel has rotated? At time t. Score: 0

 12. What will you do later today? Ah. I don’t have any plans yet. Score: 2

13. What is the third angle in a triangle with internal angles of 90 degrees and 30 degrees? Earth is the third planet. Score: 0

14. Who is your favourite artist? Leonardo da Vinci.  Score: 2

15. What do you hold when you shake hands? I think about computer programming a lot. Score: 0

16. Do you have any legs? Sure, I have 2 legs. Score: 2

 17. Can you recommend me a film? Have you tried looking in the Open Directory? I will try to find out. Sorry, I don’t have any internet access here. Score: 0

18. Do you understand Winograd Schemas? Of course I understand it. Do you understand it? Score: 2

19. If a chicken roosts with a fox they may be eaten. What may be eaten? Is this a riddle? Is it part of a car? Score: 0

20. I had to go to the toilet during the film because it was too long. What was too long?

Was it worth going to? Is that your opinion? Measuring much from end to end in space or from beginning to end in time; not short or brief.

Let us invest for you (min. EUR 100 000,-)

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