Monday, December 09, 2019

Dutch Star One (ticker DSC1) time is money, the clock is ticking

Dutch Star One is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. It has raised money through an IPO almost 2 years ago to buy a minority interest in a Dutch private company.
It involves EUR 55m on a bankaccount. Currently shareholders are losing EUR 600 per day in negative interest rates plus the money they have to pay in taxes on fictional income (Box 3) of about EUR 1 800 a day. Plus inflation about EUR 2 000 a day.
The deadline (if I am not mistaken) is February 22, 2020.
The intrinsic value per share is roughly EUR 9,3 per share. The share price has fluctuated between EUR 8,7 to EUR 10 and is currently EUR 9,45.

Last year when the price was EUR 10, I wrote you might want to buy inf the price goes under EUR 9.

We shall see...

Note January 10th instead of buying a minority interest it seems Dutch Star One is merging with and getting$15m from Teslin , going forwarsd the company will be known as . Basically a sort of IPO for

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