Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Apple buybacks and Warren Buffett

Buffett in February 2019 “Apple will probably—they may not, but they have said they’re going down to cash neutral. They could do it either by acquisitions, or dividends, or repurchases. And my guess is it’ll be mostly repurchases. They are about $130 billion away from cash neutral now. If the stock were at $200, it would buy 650 million shares. If it’s at, you know $150, you buy close to 900 million shares. We’re way better off, you know, if it’s at a lower price when they’re repurchasing shares. Our partners are selling out to us, and they’re selling out cheaper than otherwise. The worst thing that can happen from our standpoint with Apple is that it sells at $230 or something like that because we don’t like buying as well at that sort of price.”

Apple was trading around $170 now it is not $230 but $320. 40% higher than "the worse thing that can happen"... 

EPS Q2 2020 around $3 EPS  25% higher than Q2 2019 which was $2,46. 

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