Saturday, February 11, 2006

Future Shop:

Een schrijver die precies aangeeft wat een van de achterliggende gedachten van VerKoopwinkel is.

Visionary entrepreneur Daniel Nissanoff breaks the news that the eBay auction phenomenon is about to explode in a big new way, revolutionizing how all consumers-not just eBay mavens-do their shopping, not only online but offline as well. The big payoff of this revolution is for consumers: They will be able to "trade up" more often to buy the brands they most want by embracing a new norm of temporary ownership: We will be able to buy more of the things we really want, because we'll also be regularly selling off the things we no longer want or need. We'll be transformed from an "accumulation nation" into an "auction culture." Consider this intriguing fact: In the new auction culture, Manolo Blahnik shoes, a Louis Vuitton handbag, a Hermes tie, or a Bugaboo baby stroller will actually be the better deals.

As huge as eBay has become-it is now the tenth-largest retailer in America-it has only scratched the surface of the potential for online buying and selling. In 2004, only 5 percent of all those who had bought something on eBay had also sold something on the site. But that is about to change-dramatically. Nissanoff reveals that a massive growth of online auction "facilitators" is under way that will make buying and selling online so hassle-free, so reliable, and so lucrative that the masses of consumers who have stayed away will jump aboard. Most prominent among the facilitators are dropshops, where you can bring your goods for sale and they'll handle the whole auction and shipping process. Thousands of such locations have opened in the last two years; they will soon be as pervasive as Starbucks shops. And that's only the beginning.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006
Daniel Nissanoff
A Big Week For FutureShop
6:25 AM PST, March 8, 2006 • Received because you purchased FutureShop : How the New Auction Culture Will Revolutionize the Way We Buy, Sell, and Get theThings We Really Want.

This week marks a little over a month since FutureShop launched and the buzz is building quite nicely. While there has been a flurry of constant press throughout the month, this week was exceptional and marks a new high point for the book's recognition.

Here is a summary of this week's activity:

FutureShop was selected as the feature book review for the March issue of the Harvard Business Review.

FutureShop was chosen as one of the "Five Best Books On Shopping" in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend.

I am the feature interview in Time Magazine's Style & Design Spring issue, which is on newsstands in LA and NYC this week.

The reviews were particularly flattering. Here is a taste of what they had to say about FutureShop:

"Books about e-commerce tend to be like uninspired sex: a convenient shortcut to a nap. But this one is like the jolt of a double espresso."
- Wall Street Journal

“The author’s economic argument is persuasive…Daniel Nissanoff has seen the revolution, and it is in mint condition, still in the original box…If Nissanoff’s vision comes to pass, one can imagine a slew of tough questions. Should corporations extend their marketing outreach to down-the-line owners, and should resale value become part of that message? What happens to the notion of built in obsolescence? Can makers of disposable items get in on the act?”
- Harvard Business Review