Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quikdrop zoekt Masterfranchisers in NL: investering 130 000,-

Wat zou de URL waard zijn?

Info E-mail van Quikdrop:

"Why a QuikDrop Franchise?

Thriving Business in Any Economy: When times are tough, people are selling. When times are good, people are buying. So no matter what the economic situation, your QuikDrop business continues to grow.

Instant Community Popularity: Everybody is interested in eBay and making money, and that makes a QuikDrop franchise a natural people magnet.

Become the eBay Expert in your Area: Most people don’t want to bother with selling on eBay, so you become the expert that people in your community will turn to for help.

Research and Development: We are constantly looking for, and developing new and better ways to improve our system and services.

Proven system and track record: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because we already have the systems and procedures in place to get you off to a Quik start.

No need to buy products: Unlike a retail store, you never need to buy products to sell, people bring them to you. With QuikDrop there is no inventory to buy and no accounts receivable to chase.

We’re your liaison: We have high level communication channels to eBay, Andale and PayPal. Let’s face it, in this business you want solid connections to the top level people in the business.

What we’re looking for:

QuikDrop is growing fast and we are looking for honest, ethical people that would like to own a piece of this huge and ever growing market. You must qualify and have a minimum investment level of around $80K for a single unit location. QuikDrop International is also offering Area Development Agreements for those with the skills and approximately $130,000 to invest as well as Master Licenses for foreign countries.

Best Regards,
Sascha Neubauer,

3151 Airway Ave, Suite M-3
Costa Mesa California 92626

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