Monday, September 03, 2007

A great match Secondrotation & Dyscern ?

The video explains what the added value of Secondrotation is: a quick and easy way to get fair value for your used (electronic product).
Dyscern (photo) which is focussed on refurbishing and selling secondhand electronics was recently featured in an Auctionbytes article.

Dyscern, by selling from it's own site and using Google Checkout, can save about 10 dollars for every 100 dollars sold, compared to Secondrotation which is selling via eBay and paying Placement Fees, Final Value % fees and a high % fee to Paypal as well.

Secondrotation should partner with Dyscern, by having their sellers send their things directly to the Dyscern distribution center. Buyers on Dyscern could also get a message asking them if they want to sell their old phone, Ipod, PDA to Secondrotation.

My experience with Dysern: I visited their site for the first time and found and bought an Ipod within 3 minutes. Their Channel Advisor/Paypal checkout is awesome. It was shipped to Amsterdam within two days with a set of new ear plugs. Now I have also bought my first Blackberry (2005 model) also from Dyscern.

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