Thursday, December 20, 2007

eBay rules "impossible"->Quikdrop Drop-Off R.I.P.

The full story Auctionbytes story here.
The number of QuikDrop stores shrunk from a high of 95 in mid-2006 to under 30 stores today. Now Quikdrop headquarters is closing down completely.
QuikDrop stores sold many branded products that got caught in eBay's anti-counterfeiting initiatives enacted in late 2006. "It got almost impossible to sell products. As soon as you got a few VeRO complaints, eBay would take down your PowerSeller status and place limits on how much you could sell."

"eBay's policies implemented in 2006 and 2007 hurt QuikDrop stores, which sell a lot of used and refurbished store in Illinois sold refurbished home and garden products from a national retailer. They offered buyers a money-back guarantee, but even with the guarantee, buyers left bad feedback, Reynolds said. That store had 20 people on payroll and was doing a quarter of a million dollars a month in gross revenue, and when eBay shut the seller down for a week, it hurt. "The policies were not published. You'd call up and find out about a new policy," Reynolds (Quikdrop cofounder) complained.

Many of the eBay policy and enforcement changes came at a time when no one headed eBay's Trading Assistant program. Reynolds said he asked eBay North America President Bill Cobb many times to replace Walt Duflock after he left, but said the position went unfilled for a year.

"We had no one to talk to at eBay," Reynolds said."

Here's an example in practice of a buyer who bought a Disney statue which arrived undamaged, but who complained because the box was damaged:

eBay moving upmarket to new goods sellers in the U.S. will probably make entry for a fleamarket type site easier.

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