Sunday, April 13, 2008 from Thumbtack to Flat , via verKoopwinkel & the Shotgun Approach

Trading from a thumbtack/paperclip up to a house. Yes, its been done before but Jochem is stealing an idea with pride. Just like Wal-Mart is an K-Mart clone.

Jochem ( came across verKoopwinkel, because he had binoculars to trade and our verKoopwinkel binocular ad is alsways at the very top of Markptplaats because we have an Admarkt ad there.
We're trading with Jochem the binoculars for a digital foto frame & something small. Because Jochem is setting out a third string of trades. "Heb ik nog een hele gierige vraag, heb je nog wat kleins voor mij zodat ik een 3e lijntje kan uitzetten. Hoe duurder een product, hoe moeilijker het ruilen wordt namelijk."
Aka The Shotgun Approach. So he's also getting a copy of "The Perfect Store : Inside eBay" by Adam Cohen. The book that in combination with working at IKEA inspired the Koopjesmolen the first version of verKoopwinkel.
Good luck Jochem !

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