Monday, April 14, 2008

" Bicycle lock with remote control." synchronicity or Littlewoods Law ?

Off-topic: My wife has been saying for a about a year that she wants a bicycle lock with a remote control. Like a car lock: You press the remote: the lights on your bike flash, the bell rings (or beeps) and the bike unlocks itself.
Basically a gadget that makes it easier to find your bike back and it would just be cool to have (same as with the car remote locks). I have never heard about it anywhere else.
Today I called a friend who works for an business incubator to ask for advice in getting something like this to market.
He said he had just received two different business plans in the past week on this topic. Synchronicity ? Or Littlewoods Law: individuals can expect a miracle to happen to them at the rate of about one per month.

Research on Google shows a few patent applications for "remote controlled bicycle lock" like the one in this drawing.

I also just spoke on the phone with Hans Schoonemeijer of HP Design Holland and he informed me that his remote controlled lock is going into mass production in China right now with a well known bicycle manufacturer. His lock was announced in 2006 here: Ingebouwd fietsslot met afstandsbediening
His system is not focussed on the remote control aspect, but on the idea of making theft more difficult. It is built inside the bike's frame.

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