Monday, May 12, 2008

Expected soon uBid (B2C) brick & mortar selling-> uLive

Over the last 10 years, uBid has helped over 7,000 businesses sell more than $2 Billion of excess inventory, and saved customers hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.
Last week they announced that offline physical liquidation solutions, or brick and mortar “tent sales” would become a permanent channel in their multi-channel asset-recovery sales model.
After successfully helping its financial partners liquidate the retail facilities of brands like Appliance Electronics Depot, Laminate Store International, and Hollywood Video with offline brick and mortar sales in Florida earlier this year, Holdings will make its physical facilities liquidation channel, “uLive”, a permanent part of its seller solutions offerings.

It's the logistics, stupid:

“When you look at the type of merchandise we’ve historically helped our partners sell online, it tends to be smaller merchandise that’s cost-efficient to ship.” said Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Hoffman. “But excess inventory comes in all shapes and sizes and when we looked at the logistics of helping both our new and existing sellers liquidate larger items like home appliances, we saw the enormous opportunity we could exploit with a dedicated physical liquidation channel. It offers our sellers the ability to connect to our buyers through a whole new means. That said, it’s a natural extension to our existing set of asset-recovery seller solutions.”

Via Auctionbytes podcast.

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