Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sell your eBay stock now, Walmart has launched online classifieds

Wal-Mart has grown from 1 store in 1962, to 32 billion in 1992 and now around 400 billion dollars a year (more than the Belgian National Product) with well over 1 million employees. The biggest company on earth.

Now live & combined with Oodle for Classifieds;

Millions of ads already
(via oodle ? )


eBay now trading at 30 dollars. The news hasn't hit mainstream media yet and sunk in.

verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel

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CashBackAtEbay said...

LONG LIVE WALMART! Okay, I've never set foot in one (they don't have any in Marin County), but right now I'm for anything that will give eBay a run for the money. eBau has not been treating their best customers with much respect these days. (HINT: Sellers are the best customers eBay had.)

We get commissions whenever anyone we refer shops eBay or Walmart, so really it doesn't matter to us where our clients shop -- just as long as they shop. But, hey, if you're going to shop, you may as well get a cash rebate for your prescription at Walmart along with the "rare, mint snowglobe" that you'd used to find on eBay. =-)