Thursday, July 03, 2008

Christian Braun (ex Drop-Off) sets up vertical marketing communities

Together with a partner I have started a new business called Martingale Internet Technologies. The idea is to start up a number of vertical market communities for collectibles such as stamps, coins, comics or wine. The team consists of 8 people with the plan to soon grow. Our first site is, a portal for vintage and collectible toys. Please check it out and if you are a toy collector (don’t worry, I will not tell anybody) join us, if you know of somebody who would like to please send it on (and let me know so that I can buy coffee/tea/beer/wine next time I see you).

verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel

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Christian Braun said...

Thanks for the plug! Anybody interested to get more info register on the site and sya Hi (my site name is Joschik).