Thursday, July 03, 2008

Google Base / Froogle / Shopping shuts the door for Holland

verKoopwinkel has been pretending to be a German company and has uploaded to Google Base ( aka Shopping ex Froogle ). But now we have been caught redhanded...We were uploading in Dutch not English or German. Google sent the following E-mail:

Thank you for participating in Google Base. We've recently reviewed your
items and noticed they contain errors. Because of these errors, we've
temporarily removed your items from the search results. Please correct the
following problems with your items:


1. Unsupported currency
2. Unsupported language

1. Unsupported currency: We noticed your prices are listed in an
unsupported currency. Please visit for a list
of the currency and country combinations we currently support.

Products listed in currency and country combinations other than those
supported won't appear in our search applications. If your site can
display prices in a supported currency, please list these prices in your
data feed.

2. Unsupported language: It appears that your item is in a language that
we currently don't support. Please visit for a list
of our supported languages.

As we're working hard to make Google Base available in additional
languages,we encourage you to check back periodically for updates on our
internationalization efforts. In the meantime, if you're able to submit
your items in one of our supported languages, please do so in order for it
to appear on Google Base.

After you've corrected the errors, please upload your items again. We'll
notify you if any additional corrections are needed.


The Google Team

verKoopwinkel Amsterdam: Kijken op Internet, verKopen in de winkel

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