Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craigslist fighting to keep transactions local (and offline)

I was recently listening to the TWiT Live when Leo began plugging a cool new startup that his friends son has been working on. Craigsfindr.com is a craigslist.org search engine that allows you to search all the Craigslist ads across the US and Canada in a clean and easy to use interface. Several attempts have been made at this in the past but Craig and his team have been quick to shut them down, beacause they want to discourage (Nigerian) scammers and foster local communities. On Craigslist itself you can only search in one geographic location at a time.
CraigsFinder.com is standing out, largely because their site is well, still up and running. Craigsfindr has found a way to keep something on their backend working in their favor allowing us all to experience the joys of searching craigslist, for now.

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