Sunday, September 05, 2010

World's largest advertisement (by far) #Layar Augmented Reality for

Click on the drawing \/ to get a sharper image .

Make a Jumbo "banner" or "billboard" that's visible from any Augmented Reality device loacted in The Netherlands. It should be roughly 100 km by 100 km by 100 km. Height ? 100 Km from the ground ?

Comments, questions or E-mails welcome: ajbrenninkmeijer (a)


Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. Why not surface the banner where the user is standing.... size doesn't matter then

Ansgar John said...

The idea is that it seems like it's really hanging somewhere.
As @Dutchcowboy (Layar founder) wrote:
"wooooot I want to see it, is it ready? RT @ansgarjohn: World's largest ad, Layar Augmented Reality for"


"@ansgarjohn @PaulvanFabrique exciting, cantw ait to see it IRL"