Friday, April 06, 2018

Technological Singularity update 8 years later

In 2010 I "grokked" the Technological Singularity. link

"This concept "when you get it" or as the Dutch say "als het kwartje valt" is mindblowing.


-It's important to realize that it will take a lot of time (10 years-2010?) before the idea spreads to general acceptance.

Today came out. Things are very much on track to get very weird in the next ten years.

Can an AI ask "Why?" ? 

Will a computer - or "machine intelligence" - have passed the Turing Test by 2029?  

My prediction: YES

In May 2018, Google revealed Duplex, an extension of the Google Assistant that allows it to carry out natural conversations by mimicking human voice. The assistant can autonomously complete tasks such as calling a hair salon to book an appointment, scheduling a restaurant reservation, or calling businesses to verify holiday store hours.[61] While Duplex can complete most of its tasks fully autonomously, it is able to recognize situations that it is unable to complete and can signal a human operator to finish the task. Duplex was created to speak in a more natural voice and language by incorporating speech disfluencies such as filler words like "hmm" and "uh" and using common phrases such as "mhm" and "gotcha", along with more human-like intonation and response latency.

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