Friday, October 18, 2019

Kiadis Pharma intrinsic value oktober 2019. Not for the Graham Defensive Investor

Revenue = 0 EUR

Book value = EUR 50m Equity / 26m shares = EUR 2 per share (Twice what it was last year due to cash injection through private placement sale of new shares at EUR 9 per share)

The share price has fallen from EUR 12,20 (2018 below) to EUR 2,5 today. Just today down by 50% after bad news around one of the drugs under development. 

Burning through cash quickly, less than 2 years on hand?

Conclusion: Even at this new lower price not a stock for the Graham Defensive Investor.


2018 back of the envelope math:

Book value = EUR 25m Equity / 20,1m shares = EUR 1 per share

Current share price: EUR 12,20

Price of private placement March 2018 (sale of shares to raise money for company) EUR 9,-

The company is developing something which could benefit the health of a lot of people and earn money for investors. How much that could be per share is outside my "circle of competence"

Let us invest for you (min. EUR 100 000,-)

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