Monday, December 16, 2019

Fastned: too difficult pile

Fastned runs electric charging stations along highways. They report that they are EBITDA breakeven in existing locations, but Interest is a huge cost and the company has a negative book value. Current sales ar EUR 4m a year and the market cap is EUR 13,70 share price x 15m shares is EUR 200m.
The price you pay EUR 200m / EUR 4m sales is 50x Sales... (Price to Sales around 1 is more usual.)

Book value is negative and the company is losing a lot of money in relation to sales. On the other hand, more than 50% of cars that were sold in the first two weeks of December in the Netherlands were electric. Sales are growing quickly.

A problem Fastned faces in The Netherlands is that oil companies like Shell can sell petrol, coffee and groceries and electricity, that means they are competing on an uneven basis with Fastned that is only permitted to sell electricity.

If the share price falls under 1 Euro per share (4x current sales) it might be worth another look... until then Fastned is on my "too difficult pile".

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