Monday, February 17, 2020

Samen Is Niet Alleen, Altijd Samen

NZS Capital writes "Why do we cooperate in a competitive world? This week I re-read a paper (PDF) by Ole Peters and Alexander Adamou titled “An Evolutionary Advantage of Cooperation.” The paper explains the evolutionary advantage to cooperation as a result of noisy and multiplicative dynamics. To put it simply, compounding growth and benefits can take place in an unpredictable world at a greater rate if people cooperate, even if it means losing something in the short term. And, cooperation supports risk mitigation, as the paper shows. I think of this as the math behind reciprocal altruism, which is at the heart of non-zero-sum game theory, which is, in turn, at the heart of NZS Capital. A critical strategy for companies operating in the Information Age is creating non-zero-sum, or win-win outcomes for not just shareholders, but every constituent possible including employees, customers, society and the planet."

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