Sunday, May 03, 2020

Missionary on Mars project: rough notes

It seems that some people have an aversion to effective altruism because if you look at it superficially, it lacks human compassion, warmth and love.

You could argue this is a false ?dichtonomy? Reason and love should go hand in hand imho. I am a believer, so I express it as "Fide & Ratio". (See Pope JP2's encyclical on this topic of "following the science" whilst believing in God).

In the past 3 years I have made small donations to a church school in India together with a cousin and a new chapel of Hope here in the Netherlands being built by a friend.

Via the Mettinger Katholieken movement, we are also working on spreading love inspired by the Holy Spirit. Many people are worried about the Earth and cry out: "There is no Planet B!"

My big project for which I am currently saving money is to support the

 "There is a Planet B" idea. 

Elon Musk is working on "making consciousness multiplanetary" in general (BFR aka Starship equity funding through Alphabet) and bringing the Good News to Mars in particular ("Missionary on Mars"). I haven't done the math on the expected value of this particular project (my guesstimate for the cost is between EUR 250 000 and EUR 5 000 000). One thing I am sure of, this for me is a fun project to work on and it would be really cool to see it happen!

June 4th 2021: I personally pledge 1 000 Units of ValueMachinesFund. Our current guess is they are worth EUR 250,- each and the "mark to market" is around EUR 170,- 

Some background: The highest paid female CEO in the world, Martine Rothblatt, has done some similar thinking. Here is her manifesto in a video: (the choice between L5 or Mars is not the main issue, the point is trying to reach "Level 2" in this simulation which we call reality)

Martine Rothblatt explains:

As you can see by the number of views (only 250 in 2019) this is a projected that is currently neglected :) 

Raad van Advies: Bas Lansdorp Mars One   Diocese of Brownsville/Boca Chica/ Starbase Texas: 

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