Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sales at eBay QuikDrop store surpass $25M

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 13 (UPI) -- QuikDrop International announced Monday that total sales have surpassed $25 million at its eBay drop-off retail stores since it first opened for business.
The company, which first opened in February 2003, has now served more than 35,000 customers over the last 36 months and grown to 90 retail locations.
QuikDrop helps clients and businesses sell items on eBay. The company handles digital photography of the items, writes detailed descriptions and posts the products on eBay.
When the item sells, QuikDrop packs and ships it to the buyer and sends a check directly to the seller, minus a commission.
"We've successfully completed over 162,000 auctions for our customers on eBay and had over 36 million page views on our auctions," says Murray Mead, president of QuikDrop.
"It took us 31 months to reach $10 million in sales and only five months to reach $25 million," Mead said. "Clearly, our customers see real value in our services and they're telling their friends about us. There is a rapidly growing consumer trend to trade in stuff you don't use or need anymore in order to get what you really want."

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