Monday, April 13, 2099

Valuation of all stocks listed in Holland AEX All Share AAX: Benjamin Graham Defensive Investor method

Warren Buffett: "Well, start with the A’s." Click on the companies below for Graham Evaluation:

Aalberts Industries AEX:AALB, NL0000852564
ABN AMRO AEX:ABN48 NL0011540547
Accell Group AEX:ACCEL NL0009767532
Ahold Koninklijke AEX:AH, NL0010672325
Accsys Technologies AEX:AXS, GB00BQQFX454: Too small, making a loss, but growing sales.
Aegon AEX:AGN, NL0000303709
Air France-KLM PSE:AF, FR0000031122
Akzo Nobel AEX:AKZA NL0000009132Randstad AEX:RAND NL0000379121
Altice AEX:ATC, NL0011333752
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV AMG:AEX NL0000888691
Amsterdam Commodities AEX:ACOMO NL0000313286
AND International Publishers
Apollo Alternative Assets AEX:AAA1, GB00B15Y0C52
Aperam AEX:APAM LU0569974404
Arcadis AEX:ARCAD, NL0006237562
ArcelorMittal AEX:MT, LU0323134006
ASM International AEX:ASM NL0000334118 BUY under €35
ASML Holding NV
Batenburg Techniek HAL Trust AEX:HAL, BMG455841020
BAM Koninklijke Groep 
Basic Fit ?! don't buy above 7,50
BE Semiconductor Industries AEX:BESI, NL0000339760
Beter Bed Holding AEX:BBED, NL0000339703
Bever Holding: Small real estate fund, bleeder, selling under 5 Euro book value.
Boskalis Westminster Koninklijke AEX:BOKA, NL0000852580
Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Ltd. An expensive hedge fund.
Brill, Koninklijke kopen onder 20 Euro
Brunel International AEX: BRNL, NL0010776944
Corbion AEX:CRBN, NL0010583399
Core Laboratories AEX:CLB, NL0000200384
Ctac buy under €2,50
Curetis loss making biotech company = too difficult pile
Docdata: Cocoondd telt 0,35 euro in contanten neer per aandeel.
Delta Lloyd numbers expected August 17th 2016 with 220 million new shares.
DPA Groep N.V. buy at €1,1
DSM Koninklijke don't buy over 40 Euros
Esperite: Stem Cell Bank losing money hand over fist.
Eurocastle NPL Non Performing Loans in Italy... Results August 3rd
Eurocommercial Properties: Buy at €35
Euronext buy at €30
Fagron EPS -6,3 and negative Book Value per share -€2, not for the defensive investor...
ForFarmers a Graham Defensive Pick up to €6,50
Flow Traders outside my circle of competence, seems like a buy under €30
Fugro's Graham Value has decreased, buy at €10?
Gemalto buy under €45
Galapagos is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, not profitable (yet?).
GrandVision : Don't buy over €20
Groothandelsgebouwen N.V. buy under €40
HAL Trust: check November 17th 2016
Heijmans losing money
Heineken, buy under 60?
Holland Colours buy now under €61
Hunter Douglas, good balance sheet, buy if under €41
Hydratec buy now, sell at €60
ICT Group NV buy under 7 Euros
IEX Group Sales 2m, losses 600k, not for the defensive investor
IMCD buy under 20 Euros
ING Bank buy around 10 Euros
Intertrust too little history: Earnings per share 2016 Euro 1,3 x 15 = 19,5 Euros: Price = 19,86 Euros
Inverko used to be Newconomy, is for sale, garbage (disposal) Price = 0,60 Euros
Kardan made a loss 4 out of the last 5 years including H1 2016
KAS Bank cheap now under 10 Euros ?
Kendrion buy at 20 Euros
Kiadis Pharma bleeder, not for Defensive Investor, no sales
Klepierre French Retail Real Estate 5% dividend
KPN not for the Graham Defensive Investor
Porceleyne Fles Koninklijke Check under 5 Euros.
K. VOPAK buy under 30
K. Wessanen 
Lavide not  a going concern (yet?) 
Lucas Bols buy under €15
Nedsense lege beurshuls
New Sources Energy penny stock
Neways electronic manufacturing services (EMS)


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