Monday, April 13, 2099

Valuation of all stocks listed in Holland AEX All Share AAX: Benjamin Graham Defensive Investor method

Warren Buffett: "Well, start with the A’s." Click on the companies below for Graham Evaluation:

Aalberts Industries 2020
ABN AMRO 2020 
Accell Group 2020 
Ahold Delhaize Koninklijke 2020
Accsys Technologies 2020
Adyen 2020
Aedifica 2020
Aegon 2020
Air France-KLM 2020 
Akzo Nobel 2020 
Alfen 2020
Alumexx 2020 (voorheen Phelix, Inverko, Newconomy)
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV 2019
Amsterdam Commodities ACOMO 2019
AND International Publishers 2019
Apollo Alternative Assets 2019 
Aperam 2019
Arcadis 2019
ArcelorMittal 2019 
ASM International 2019
ASML 2020
ASR Nederland 2019
Avantium 2019
BAM Koninklijke Groep 2019
Basic Fit 2019
BE Semiconductor AEX:BESI 2019
Beter Bed Holding 2019
B&S Group 2019 August 23, 2021 HY 2021 results

Berkshire Hathway 2019 run by Warren Buffett

Bever Holding 2019
Boskalis Westminster Koninklijke 2019
Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Ltd. An expensive hedge fund.
Brill, Koninklijke 2019
Brunel 2019
Coca-Cola European Partners 2019
Corbion 2019
Core Laboratories 2019
Ctac 2019
CTP vastgoed Remon Vos
Curetis 2019
DGB Group 2019 check May 2020 
DPA Groep N.V. 2020
DSM Koninklijke 2019
Dutch Star One 2019
Ease2pay 2019
Envipco 2019
Eurocastle 2019
Eurocommercial Properties 2019
Euronext 2020
Fagron 2019
Fastned 2019
Flow Traders 2019 
FNG 2019
ForFarmers 2019
Fugro 2020
Galapagos 2019
GrandVision 2019 EUR 28 offer
HAL Trust 2019 buy at EUR 143
Heijmans 2019
Heineken 2019
Holland Colours 2019 buy under €100
Hunter Douglas 2020
Hydratec 2019
ICT Group NV 2019
IEX Group 2019 still losing money, not for the defensive investor
IMCD 2019
ING Bank 2019
Intertrust 2019
Kendrion 2019
Kiadis Pharma 2019
Klepierre cheap at €20? 2019
KPN 2019
K. Porceleyne Fles Koninklijke 2019
K. VOPAK 2019
K. Wessanen 2019 buy out?
K. VolkerWessels 2019
Lavide Holding 2019 
Lucas Bols 2019
Marel 2019
Nedap 2019
MKB Nedsense 2019
Morefield Group 2019 (voorheen Headfirst)
New Sources Energy 2020
Neways 2019
NIBC 2019
Altice 2020 end of December 2020
Batenburg Techniek: Taken off the stock exchange for 46 Euros by van Puijenbroek family. Good price for investors:
BinckBank 2019 Saxobank
Esperite: 2018 Stem Cell Bank losing money, selling shares. Price recently fell from 3 to 0,25
oktober 2019 falliet, koers: 0,046 geen handel.
Gemalto Thales offer 2018
Groothandelsgebouwen N.V. bought for EUR 56,92

Thoughts on share prices: Peter Lynch and Nick Kraakman


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Anju Shukla said...
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Unknown said...

Why you stick on AEX, while Americans return 3 times better?

Ansgar John Brenninkmeijer said...

Thanks William, There are a lot of (Benjamin Graham) stock screeners for the US based on the SEC Edgar database and a lot of companies. I can go through ALL the Amsterdam AAX companies once a year.

Jon Sigurdsson said...
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